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Farms at Work
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Farms at Work's aim is to build a vibrant farming community and food system in east central Ontario. Since 2010, staff and volunteers have pursued this goal through workshops and field courses, supporting access to farmland especially for new entrants, promoting environmental stewardship and the protection of farmland. Farms at Work is a non-profit charitable project with no core funding from any government source, relying on grants, revenue from events and donations to support its activities. Farms at Work is a project operating on Tides Canada Initiatives shared platform.
Peterborough Agricultural Roundtable
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The Peterborough Ag Roundtable was created in 2018 to bring together all farmers in Peterborough - regardless of size, commodity or choice of political affiliation with any of the three provincial general farm organizations - to identify important local issues and develop consensus on advice at the local level. For more information, visit
Peterborough County Cattlemen's Association
Peterborough County Cattlemen's Association

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Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture
Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture

To develop and consolidate farmer opinion for the promotion of any activity within the county which will improve the welfare of the individual farmer, the farming industry and the community.
707 members in Peterborough County
to bring the viewpoints and concerns of the membership to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture for policy development and action
to interpret O.F.A. policy to all farmers in the county
to promote information sharing and networking
to promote and participate in cultural, social and leadership development