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AgTech Innovations Unveiled

Agtech, short for agricultural technology, refers to the use of modern technologies and innovations to make farming and agriculture more efficient, productive, and sustainable. The goal of agtech is to help farmers make better decisions, increase yields, reduce waste, and address challenges in agriculture using smart and advanced solutions.


Embark on a journey of synergy and innovation at our event, "AgTech Innovations Unveiled: Cultivating the Future of Agriculture in Our Region." Recognizing a notable gap in AgTech between farmers and technology enthusiasts, our event seeks to unite these two communities, each contributing unique strengths to bridge the divide.


In this dynamic exchange, the agricultural community's abundance of space meets the entrepreneurial and innovative expertise lacking in the technology sector. Conversely, the technology community's creativity and entrepreneurial spirit find resonance in the agricultural landscape but grapple with limitations in physical space

Registration is required
165 Kent St W Suite 302, Lindsay, ON K9V 2Y5
Kawartha Lakes